Mobidictum Business Network brings the gaming industry together on May 8-9

Mobidictum Business Network connects leading companies in the mobile game industry and Turkish developers in May!

“Mobidictum Business Network” brings the gaming industry together on May 8-9.

The Turkish gaming scene has been rapidly expanding, Mobidictum decided to provide a common ground where the world can meet the Turkish studios in their journey of global expansion.

Get ready to expand your vision, attend talks, connect with publishers & investors, explore valuable products, meet new studios and grow your network to a whole new level.

Mobidictum Business Network in a nutshell

  • 2 days online event
  • More than 15+ speakers from various fields
  • Publishers & investors to boost your funding
  • Service providers to scale up your game
  • 10+ hours of expert talks
  • Virtual expo to check out new companies
  • Indie showcase expo to find hidden talent and much more!

Topics of “Mobidictum Business Network” will be as follows:

  • Digital and traditional marketing strategies for mobile games
  • Publisher interests: Getting ready to work with a publisher.
  • Investor talks: What does an investor want from studios?
  • Casual titles: Experience sharing from successful studios.
  • Monetization rules: Various new monetization models.
  • Growth: How to scale up your game even more?
  • Latest trends in hyper-casual games and ways to achieve success in this field


“Mobidictum Business Network”, where world-famous brands in the mobile game industry will participate to network and find new opportunities. Get a premium ticket for unlimited business meetings and stand out from the crowd. For anyone who only wants to listen to the speakers, the event is free of charge.

You can buy “Mobidictum Business Network” tickets by clicking here. After purchasing the ticket, you will receive an email that includes the event platform link to set your profile.

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