Mobile Game Market Review March 2023

The mobile game market has been busy in the last month with updates and events. This report will help game marketers, developers, and publishers to keep up with the changes.
game market report march 2023

The mobile game market has seen significant updates to its most popular titles in March 2023. GameRefinery keeps track of the market and compiles significant developments and data. Broken into three major markets, the US, China, and Japan, the analysis also includes interesting top 200 entries in each market. 

Among the standout updates is the beta launch of a new creative mode for PUBG Mobile, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Survivor!.io has also introduced a beta version of the local co-op, and Royal Match added a new recurring event called Lava Quest. Meanwhile, Goddess of Victory: NIKKE has surged to number three in Japan’s top-grossing chart with a dog-themed event.

Some interesting new titles have also entered the top 200-grossing in the US, China, and Japanese markets. For instance, Street Fighter Duel, an idle RPG character collector game based on Capcom’s fighting game franchise.

In the US market, PUBG Mobile has released an enormous update to mark its fifth anniversary, including a new custom game mode in beta called World of Wonder (WOW). Meanwhile, several new titles have entered the top-200 grossing list in the mobile gaming market.

In China, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened hosted a clothing competition event focused on its cosmetic economy, while Life Makeover, a highly customizable game with stunning graphics, is currently ranked in the top 15-grossing and is the most downloaded game in China. Another game, Three Kingdoms Warchess, is a 4X strategy game by Lingxi Games that is currently ranking in the top 5, grossing #51 for downloads.

In Japan, Goddess of Victory: NIKKE climbed to number three in the country’s top-grossing chart during a recent Bow Wow Paradise event. The event features a new character called Biscuit and her runaway pack of dogs, allowing players to acquire Biscuit through pickup gacha or trade in the Mileage Shop. LINE: Monster Farm, a monster-collecting RPG, and TOUCH THE DREAM, an arcade sports game based on the popular Volleyball manga/anime series Haikyu!!, have also garnered attention in the Japanese market. The complete version of the analysis with more in-depth details can be accessed here.

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