Mobile game streaming fell 35% in July 2022

YouTube is still the dominant platform for mobile game streaming accounting for more than half of the viewership.
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Video games, streaming, and esports analytics company Stream Hatchet shared data and insights on how mobile games have performed on the three major streaming platforms (Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming) in July 2022.

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Stream Hatchet’s report covers specifically the mobile game streaming world, meaning no other types of games or non-game categories like “Just Chatting” and “Talkshows” are included in the report. The data provider worked with to provide these insights.

Top 10 mobile games on live streaming in July 2022


Per Stream Hatchet’s reliable data, Garena Free Fire from Garena managed to keep the top spot with nearly 40 million hours, while seeing a 6.1% increase in total hours watched. Both PUBG Mobile (down to 18.5 million hours) and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (down to 16.3 million hours) saw sharp declines in viewership. The former’s number of hours watched decreased by 55.8%, while the latter experienced an even steeper decline, losing 73.6% viewership month-over-month.

Here is the full list for July 2022:

  1. Garena Free Fire – 39.9 million hours
  2. PUBG Mobile – 18.5 million hours
  3. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – 16.3 million hours
  4. Battlegrounds Mobile India – 10.4 million hours
  5. Call of Duty Mobile – 6.6 million hours
  6. League of Legends Wild Rift – 4 million hours
  7. Clash Royale – 3.5 million hours
  8. Mahjong Soul – 2.6 million hours
  9. Monster Strike – 1.9 million hours
  10. Brawl Stars – 1.8 million hours

Only Garena Free Fire (Garena), Mahjong Soul (Yostar Limited), and Monster Strike (XFlag) saw increased numbers month-over-month, meanwhile, all the other top 10 watched games experienced a decline.

Mobile game streaming hours decreased by approximately 35% in July 2022 —roughly about 127 million hours watched— compared to the month before.

YouTube is the main platform for mobile game streaming

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According to the joint report, YouTube is still the dominant streaming platform for mobile gamers in July 2022, being home to a little over 52% of the overall viewership with 66.2 million hours watched. Facebook Gaming comes second with 30.1% (38.2 million hours), and Twitch comes third with 17.8% (22.6 million hours).

Garena Free Fire was the most watched game across both YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming. The mobile battle royale game generated 20 million hours on Facebook and 17.2 hours on YouTube.

On Twitch, however, Riot Games’ League of Legends: Wild Rift kept the trone with 3 million hours watched.

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