Mobile game subscription service Unleashd gets two new games

Multiscription’s subscription service for mobile games continues to grow with two new titles.
Unleashd two new games Ronaldo Kick’n’Run and Conduct This

Danish startup Multiscription’s mobile game subscription service Unleashd continues to grow its games portfolio. The service added football megastar Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ronaldo Kick’n’Run and a train puzzle game Conduct This! to its mobile gaming platform.

Both games are already free-to-play, but when played through Unleashd, players get unique benefits and bonuses that can’t be found anywhere else. On top of that, games you play through Unleashd don’t show any ads, allowing players to enjoy an ad-free gaming experience on their mobile devices. The service comes with a 7-day free trial and currently includes 14 games. You also get to share your subscription with four other friends or family members, provided you pick the Family Subscription plan.

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5th Planet’s Ronaldo Kick’n’Run and Northplay’s Conduct This! are both popular mobile games, having generated millions of downloads already. Unleashd currently has fourteen games available to players including both free-to-play and paid titles, however, the service gets new games and updates regularly.

5th Planet Vice President Of Business Development Mogens Agger commented:

We are looking forward to this new partnership with Multiscription; the idea behind Unleashd is refreshing and it will be good to see how it evolves. Plus, it was really simple to add our game thanks to the lightweight SDK – which was probably the easiest we’ve ever worked with.

Founder of Northplay, Michael Flarup said:

“The great thing about Unleashd is the ability to offer players rewards for their loyalty in a way that isn’t disruptive to the gaming experience – which, with advertising, can be out of our control.

“The ability to give subscribers extra levels and unique trains is a much more direct and fun way to keep players engaged; I’m excited to see what the response from players is.”

Unleashd is currently only available on Google Play. Apple users can’t enjoy the benefits that come with the subscription service at this point.

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