Decade-old Street Wars will embrace AI technology

Mobile social game network MocoSpace is set to revolutionize its long-standing hit game, Street Wars, by incorporating advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to elevate its 13-year reign as a premier mobile HTML5 game.

Street Wars has been around for over a decade, amassing a considerable player base of over 100,000 gamers. The game has a daily engagement exceeding 250,000 minutes, with an impressive average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) surpassing $20. Street Wars boasts a lifetime player count exceeding 1 million, attracting over 2,000 new players daily.

Justin Siegel, CEO and Co-Founder of MocoSpace, expressed the company’s excitement about the enduring success of Street Wars and the transformative potential of AI integration. He said:

“We launched Street Wars over a decade ago, and its enduring success has surpassed our wildest expectations. Now, with the infusion of artificial intelligence, we’re taking it to unprecedented heights.”

The initial phase of AI integration focuses on harnessing generative AI tools to create innovative content and enhance existing features within Street Wars. MocoSpace plans to explore additional applications of AI, intending to introduce improvements across various aspects of the game.

Siegel highlighted the broader vision for AI usage, not limited to game content but aimed at enriching the overall gaming experience. Evaluation of tools such as ChatGPT, DALL·E, Midjourney, and others is underway to achieve this goal.

As the original mobile-first community in North America, MocoSpace is committed to extending AI capabilities beyond games. With members dedicating substantial time daily to engage across games, blogs, forums, chat, and messaging, MocoSpace aims to implement AI enhancements gradually across all features. The rollout of new and improved content will commence in early 2024, promising players a more enriched and dynamic gaming experience.

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