NetEase Games and CCP Games bring award-winning in-game science project to mobile

This project, which saved scientists from 330 years of research, will be accessible on mobile platforms.
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Participation is expected to increase with mobile devices.

Set out with the vision of creating player-oriented space travel, Icelandic developer CCP Games of EVE Online announced that they had reached an agreement with NetEase Games for the game to be published in China. Continuing this partnership productively today, the two companies collaborated with MMOS, VIB, and Ghent University to bring the Project Discovery system on EVE Online to the mobile game EVE Echoes.

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Project Discovery is a community-supported science project that has been tested and thriving in the past on EVE Online. The working principle of the project is provided entirely by the participation of the actors, as follows:

The system helps players process and monitor data by grouping cell populations and learning how they are modified. In order to ensure participation, various in-game prizes are offered.

According to the information conveyed by CCP, 327,000 EVE Online players sent more than 115 million data specific to Covid-19, saving scientists from more than 330 years of research. In addition, the system was deemed worthy of many awards.

Thanks to feedback, the partners rolled up their sleeves to bring this project to EVE Echoes. In the past, the institutions and organizations that created this project on EVE Online will also work on EVE Echoes. Players will now be able to access this system via their mobile devices, and the number of research will increase considerably.

The system has the infrastructure to help many future researchers, not just Covid-19. It is invaluable for such a system to reach millions of potential users, not only on PC platforms but also on mobile platforms.

NetEase continues to expand its investments worldwide. The company started to increase its investments globally after the obstacles in the China region. In fact, the company recently established an AAA game studio headquartered in the United States. It has also invested in a studio called Something Random to enter the VR space.

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