NetEase launches Anchor Point Studios to venture into uncharted territory

NetEase Games has established Anchor Point Studios, a new game studio that will focus on developing immersive and engaging action-adventure games for console and PC. The studio will have locations in Barcelona, Spain and Seattle, USA, and is currently recruiting developers, artists, and designers for office-based, hybrid, and remote roles.
anchor point studios founders together.

NetEase has announced the establishment of a new game studio called Anchor Point Studios as part of its games division NetEase Games. Anchor Point Studios is founded by industry veterans passionate about creating immersive and engaging action-adventure games that offer social and multiplayer experiences. The studio will have locations in Barcelona, Spain, and Seattle, United States, and is currently recruiting developers, artists, and designers in office-based, hybrid, and remote roles. 

The team comprises industry veterans, including Paul Ehreth, a game director and designer with over 20 years of experience building games for PC and console, who has worked on titles such as Control and Halo. Other team members have contributed to games like Ghost of Tsushima, Red Dead Redemption 2, and The Division.

Anchor Point Studios Paul Ehreth said: 

“We’re so excited to officially drop our anchor in Barcelona, the hometown of my great-grandparents, and start building a strong team for our journey of exploration together with NetEase Games. Our studio’s motto is ‘Per Aspera, Ad Astra’ (through hardships, to the stars) because we want to build an adventure that will stay fresh and provide a unique experience that will surprise and delight people each time they play, and I want us to acknowledge the challenges we are setting out to face. We’re grateful to NetEase Games for giving us the creative freedom and resources to build this interconnected world that will expand beyond games and reach into other mediums as well.”

NetEase Games’ global investments and partnerships president Simon Zhu commented:

When we met Paul, we immediately realized he had the passion to create truly magical worlds, with experiences that are surprising and offer something new every single time they are played. At NetEase Games, we believe in giving creators the ability to build games of lasting quality that will be played for many years to come. We know Anchor Point Studios is reaching for the stars, and we’ll make every effort to help them get there,”

The studio’s motto is “Per aspera, ad astra” (Through hardship, to the stars), which speaks to the team’s desire to focus on building action-adventure experiences that take risks and journey deep into uncharted territory. Anchor Point Studios is dedicated to developing action-adventure games for console and PC that push the boundaries of entertainment and bring elements of surprise into the gameplay. The studio’s focus on innovation and exploration is reflected in its motto, which acknowledges the challenges and risks inherent in charting new territory in the game industry.

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