New MTG sets revealed at MagicCon: Vegas

Return to dinosaurs, guilds, The Lord of the Rings announced at MagicCon: Vegas

The legendary TCG game Magic: The Gathering revealed exciting details from three upcoming sets during MagicCon: Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada. The reveal panel offered an in-depth look at Lost Caverns of Ixalan, a return to a beloved plane in Ravnica Remastered, and a showcase of card treatments for The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth to thousands of convention attendees.

Lost Caverns of Ixalan will feature exciting booster fun cards themed around the world of Ixalan and its Meso and South American-inspired culture. Borderless Oltec cards will use a similarly inspired art style to portray the plane. The Lost Caverns of Ixalan team has taken great care to portray work inspired by the culture with respect and reverence.

However, the main “characters” are the dinosaurs, and this set will feature cards inspired by Jurassic Park, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary. These cards will feature fan-favorite characters, locations, and dinosaurs from across the franchise.

The Lord of The Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Holiday set continues to explore the familiar characters and locations in creative ways and builds from the main set, which was released in June. The Lord of The Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Holiday set will be available on 3 November.

Ravnica Remastered will be the first set for 2024, back to the worldwide city of Ravnica and a return to the guilds. This set features classic cards with bold card treatments of anime art and retro frames, as well as dual shock lands in regular, borderless, and retro versions.

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