Nike enters Metaverse with “Nikeland” on Roblox

The famous sports brand Nike entered the Metaverse with the virtual playground called Nikeland, created in partnership with Roblox.
Nikeland Roblox
Nike debuted on the Metaverse with Roblox.

Nike has announced a partnership with Roblox to create a free virtual playground called Nikeland. In its current state, Nikeland includes mini-games such as tag, dodgeball, “the floor is lava” that users can play with their friends.

The mobile integration system allows you to use your phone to transfer real-life movements into the game. You can do things like fast runs, long jumps using this system. As you can imagine, a digital showroom is also located on this island, where players can buy Nike products for their avatars.

Nikeland Roblox
Nikeland contains various playgrounds and show areas.

According to CNBC, this is just the beginning of what the brand has planned for the space. In the future, this area may host competitions linked to global sporting events. For example, an area may be offered where players can watch the competitions when the 2022 Olympic Games start. The showroom can present future Nike designs to users and collect and evaluate various end-user data.

Because Nikeland is a free space for anyone to visit, Nike states that it’s an experience that can solve one of “the sport’s biggest barriers,” accessibility.

In December, Nike will present an augmented reality version of Nikeland at the House of Innovation in New York. The event will take place in partnership with Snapchat and will include mini-games and Easter Eggs for players.

It’s not surprising to see Nike partner with Roblox within their Metaverse plans. Roblox is one of the most popular games among kids and teens, with an estimated 200 million monthly active users. Nike provides a space for these young people to interact with the brand, creating a way for them to become real-world customers.

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