Octopo Studio unveils its new game Bounty Pang

From 2025, the studio plan to establish a faster and more efficient game development process based on accumulated capabilities
Octopo Studio Unveils Shooting Action RPG Game Bounty Pang.

Octopo Studio announced its new shooting-action RPG game, Bounty Pang, and its participation in the 2024 PlayX4 B2B on May 23rd.

Octopo Studio was founded in 2021 by veterans with diverse development backgrounds, including COO Woohyun Kim, who participated in projects such as Brawl Stars, Squad Busters, and Clash Quest at Supercell.

Their first development project, completed about a month-long test launch last winter, is striving for overall game improvement for an official release goal in the third quarter of this year. The subsequent project completed prototyping recently and underwent internal testing, aiming for a soft launch by the end of this year.

Octopo Studio stated, “We conducted a tech launch in the Philippines for a month from February this year, aiming for a global launch in the third quarter by addressing technical issues discovered during that period, improving core design, and expanding content.”

Bounty Pang is a shooting-action RPG. Its gameplay style involves shooting down enemies rushing from the sky to the ground, progressing through the story with the currency obtained from hunting, and encountering various monsters and bosses with different mechanics. Players can also wear multiple sets of armor and bows with special abilities.

With a North American art style, solid direction, and engaging gameplay, Bounty Pang targets overseas markets, especially North America and Europe.

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