Odeeo insights reveal more than 90% of mobile gamers choose to engage with in-game audio ads

Odeeo analysed 75 million in-game audio ad impressions on its platform across 400 game titles, revealing behaviour insights that change the game for advertisers.

Odeeo, an Israel-based leading in-game audio advertising platform, released findings from its platform and shed light on crucial insights regarding the impact of ad positioning, length, and volume on advertising performance within the game industry.

Based on an extensive analysis encompassing 75 million in-game audio ad impressions across 400 game titles with mobile publishing partners, including major gaming studios, several key observations have emerged.

Over 90% of audio ads are not skipped by gamers, indicating a high level of engagement. Listen-through Through Rates (LTR) exceed 80%, with shorter ads achieving a completion rate of over 95%. These metrics remained consistent regardless of the volume level set on a player’s device.

The first ad presented during a gaming session garnered the highest click-through rates, with a remarkably low skip rate of 6%. While click-through rates gradually declined throughout the session, even the fifth and later ad positions maintained a more than 1% click-through rate, surpassing industry benchmarks. The majority of mobile gamers have their device volume set above the audibility threshold of 10%. As volume increases, click-through rates for ads also rise steadily until the device reaches 60% capacity, where it stabilizes.

Amit Monheit, CEO of Odeeo says, “Over the past few years, we’ve had the privilege to run thousands of campaigns for major advertisers all around the world. As our offering has started to mature, we’re now able to quantify the impact of different drivers of ad performance at scale, and it’s exciting to share these insights with our partners. We’re eager to help all advertisers, regardless of size or experience with audio, unlock the power of in-game advertising.”

Recommendations from the analysis present brands with valuable insight on exactly how to further their reach to the world’s captive audience of three billion mobile gamers.

Based on these findings, Odeeo offers recommendations for advertisers:

  • Shorter ads mean greater success – Better engagement and completion rates can be achieved by making the most of the initial 10 seconds of an ad.
  • Balance the volume in adverts – Advertisers should ensure that ad volume is balanced to avoid muting or skipping – ads need to be as non-disruptive to players’ experience as possible.
  • Bid on ad position wisely – The first ad position often garnered the highest click-through rates, making it an ideal spot for ads with a strong call-to-action.

Advertisers are quickly adopting this powerful new channel to extend their reach to what is, for some, an untapped market of consumers.

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