Playtertainment raises $5M in funding round

Winner Winner Live Arcade developer Playtertainment will leverage the funds it has raised to expand its gaming platform.
Playtertainment, kendine has platformuna yatırım yapacak.
Playtertainment will invest in its own platform.

Gaming startup Playtertainment has completed a $5 million funding round to support the development of its live gaming platform. The investment round was led by SDV Holdings and hosted a large number of investors. Investors include Sharp Alpha Advisors, Gamesys founder Noel Hayden, and Playtech co-founder Elad Cohen.

Developed by Playtertainment, Winner Winner has been downloaded more than 1.2 million times since its launch in 2020 and has grown more than 30% quarterly. The company has been making platform plans for new online multiplayer mobile games recently. Nearly 7 million games have been played on the platform so far, and more than 20,000 monthly prizes have been distributed.

Winner Winner is known as the company’s mobile arcade games platform. Thanks to the platform, games played on real machines (real claw machines) reach the user with a live video stream. In this respect, it is possible to say that the platform is a kind of “live broadcast” platform. The development of the application, which has drawn a successful profile so far, is planned. Playtertainment, which has collected 3 million dollars from its previous investment tour, continues this season with 8 million dollars for now.

Playtertainment co-founder Jon Davidman made the following statements on the subject:

“We’re really excited about the future. What we’re working on has never existed on a large scale, and we truly believe what we are building will change the way we think about physical games and competition. Through technology, we’re able to create a highly interactive, connected gaming experience that allows players to compete with real, physical games and get rewarded when they win those contests.”

Lloyd Danzig, a managing partner of Sharp Alpha Advisors, one of the investor companies, added:

“As compelling as the current game offerings are, we are even more excited about the underlying infrastructure that can support a robust content library, as well as skill-based, head-to-head competitions and social tournaments.”

While the platform’s unique content attracts attention, time will show its performance after the investments to be made.

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