PUBG Mobile New Account Opening Methods

PUBG Mobile New Account

If you want to create a new account in PUBG Mobile, you can use many methods. If you join as a visitor, you cannot login again.

You can open new accounts with PUBG Mobile account opening methods. In this way, you can get on the same plane with low-level players and finish the games more easily. There are many processes to create an account in the game.

PUBG Mobile Account Opening

If you are downloading the game for the first time, you need to create an account. If you are going to delete PUBG Mobile after a short time, you can enter it as a visitor. However, if you join as a visitor, you cannot log in again the moment you lose the link to your account. If you will only have one main account, you should not enter it as a visitor.

You can unlink your account and add new links from the settings.

Joining as a visitor also applies to all other mobile games. If there is a problem with your device or when you delete the game, you may not be able to access your account. If you want not to lose your account and items, you must link your account with any platform.

Once the account has been linked, you can undo this action. Although it is a very simple method, most of the players do not know this option because there is no such option as disconnection in the game.

If you join as a visitor, you cannot log into an account again.

PUBG Mobile Account Creation Methods

If you have an active account and want to create a new account, you must log out. Because you need to go back to the beginning to create a new account. While in the older versions of the game you can only join the game as a Twitter, Facebook or a visitor, you can create an account using a phone number and email with new updates.

If you are going to create a new account using your phone number, you need to set a password. When you log out or want to log in from a different device, you must log in with your phone number and password you created. You should not forget this password and make it easy. Otherwise, you may not be able to log in to your account or you may pass over your account data.

You can connect your existing PUBG Mobile account with social media.

If you are going to create a new account without using a phone number, all you have to do is click the button on the game screen of the method you have specified. When you enter your information correctly, you will have created a new account. If you are going to log in on another device, you must log in to the social media account you have connected.

If you have played PUBG Mobile before and continued the game with the social media accounts you used, you can log into an existing account. If your goal is to create a new account, you need to try a social media account or method that has no connection. If you do not have any social media accounts to open a PUBG Mobile account, you must join as a visitor. If you want, after creating the account, you can connect any social media profile with your PUBG Mobile account. To open a new PUBG Mobile account, follow the steps below in order.

You can register for the game by phone number.

Is it safe to buy a PUBG Mobile account?

Most of the games, including PUBG Mobile, are traded. Players open new accounts and increase their rank as much as they can and offer their accounts for sale at a certain price. Although this process is very dangerous, there are many players who purchase accounts.

Scams can be found among people who buy and purchase accounts. You can use suitable sites for your safety. If you are going to purchase an account, you should check the information of the account in the advertisement. Because his account may be banned due to his wrong actions.

You can create a new account by e-mail.

If you are trading on the accounts of a different game other than PUBG Mobile, you should review the rules of the game. These rules may differ in other games. If you are the person purchasing an account, you have to question the other party. Instead of questioning the person directly, view their profile. If there is a section like customer reviews, you should definitely read it.

You may want to open new accounts instead of purchasing accounts. If we look at the account creation options, you will not be bothered for this process. To create a new account, you can create a PUBG Mobile account with one click using your Twitter or Facebook account. Apart from these, you can connect with Play Games or join the adventure as a visitor.

Your account may be banned as a result of any transaction. However, some bans can be lifted. If you want to find out if your account can be unblocked, please read “PUBG Mobile Ban Removal 2020: There Is Only One Solution!” We mentioned which account bans can be lifted in our content named. If you do the transactions correctly, your account ban may be lifted.

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