Satisfactory achieves 5.5 million sales in five years of early access

Satisfactory, the first-person automation simulator, approaches its fifth anniversary since entering early access. Developer Coffee Stain Studios announced that the game has surpassed 5.5 million copies sold. Additionally, the studio aims to release version 1.0 this year.
satisfactory video game in-game image.

Satisfactory made its early access debut in March 2019, initially as an Epic Games Store exclusive, before arriving on Steam the following year. The game garnered attention for its cooperative, open-world approach to the automated resource exploitation genre, popularized by Factorio and developed by Wube Software.

In this first-person exploration of a vibrant sci-fi open world, up to four players can collaboratively engage in the compelling loop of mining resources, crafting items, and enhancing production efficiency. The unique twist on the established formula has resonated well with players, leading to over 5.5 million copies sold during the early access period.

While the exact release date for version 1.0 remains unspecified, Coffee Stain Studios has confirmed that the departure from early access is anticipated this year. Following last year’s Update 8, which transitioned Satisfactory to Unreal Engine 5 and introduced various enhancements, the development team focuses on finalizing the game.

The upcoming version 1.0 promises to introduce a “never-seen-before narrative” and new features. Coffee Stain emphasizes that development will persist beyond the early access phase, indicating a commitment to ongoing improvement and expansion.

In preparation for the version 1.0 release, Coffee Stain Studios plans to conduct a closed beta, with registration now open for participating. The closed beta will allow players to experience new features and contribute to the refinement of Satisfactory as it progresses toward its full release.

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