SCP-themed tactical game Contain’s first developer update released

Contain, which has been in development for about a year and a half by Istanbul-based SinginGiant, will be the first SCP-themed Tactical FPS game developed in Turkey.
Contain Cover Key Art

According to SinginGiant‘s developer update, all of the game’s lighting and assets have been completely overhauled following the Unreal Engine 5 engine switch. As a result of the hard work of the 3D artists in the SinginGiant team, many assets continue to be overhauled. The team, aware that gunplay is especially fundamental in FPS games, is compassionate about this issue.

Sonat Samir, the head of the development team, said the following about this:

“Everyone who works at SinginGiant loves tactical FPS games and has been playing these games for a long time. Our team also has 3D artists who are mainly specialized in weapons. We’re picky about the animations, attachments, sounds, and effects. We want players to be able to customize their weapons in any way they want and feel the changes as they use them.”

Contain’s story will continue to progress through missions. You must “contain,” stop or destroy multiple enemy types while encountering supernatural anomalies. Some paranormal events you encounter during missions will continue appearing as random events.

Contain will be released exclusively as Early Access in South Korea on Smilegate’s Stove platform and Steam. The list of weapons that will be included in the Early Access release is as follows:

Primary Weapons; (at the beginning of Early Access)

AR15, M4, MP5, FN FAL, Kriss Vector, SIG MCX Spear, SIG MPX SBR, SIG MCX Virtus, AK203, UMP45, SpringfieldPDW, MK18, AKM, MP7, G36, Scar-H, G3A3, M14.

Secondary Weapons; (at the beginning of Early Access)

Glock 19 Gen4, 1911, Beretta m9, FN Five Seven, 2011 JW, HK USP.

*SCP – Special Containment Procedures Games with extraordinary events in the theme.

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