Sky: Children of the Light is coming to PC

New and continuing players can enjoy Sky on Steam with complete cross-progression capabilities.

American independent video game development company Thatgamecompany confirmed the PC launch of Sky: Children of the Light. This reveal coincides with Thatgamecompany’s 17th anniversary and presents an opportunity to connect Sky’s thriving community with an even larger audience as the studio further dissolves barriers between players.

In Sky: Children of the Light, players peacefully and collaboratively explore mysterious environments. The community forges spontaneous bonds as they discover Sky’s open worlds and creates lasting memories with players worldwide. The enchanting game has steadily grown to be a fan favorite since its 2019 debut, recently reaching over 260 million downloads.

“Sky represents our vision of how games can unite people from different backgrounds, cultures and continents,” said Jenova Chen, CEO and Creative Director, Thatgamecompany. “As Sky moves to PC, we can render its realms in stunning detail, but for us, Sky is not defined solely by its technology – it’s an invitation to dream, explore and unite with one another in what we feel is the very essence of human connection in the digital age. The beauty of this world, the depth of its characters and the magic of its storytelling have created a community that extends far beyond the game itself. By introducing this to a new audience, we welcome players of all experience levels as they come together to experience something truly special.”

Currently available on AppStore, Play Store, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5, the social adventure is free-to-play and provides cross-play and cross-progression for players on all platforms.

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