Supercell will support Channel37 for an unannounced PC game

Supercell is bringing its plans for PC and console games to life.
Supercell partnerChannel37
Supercell and Channel37 partnered up for a PC-exclusive game.

Channel37, the new PC game studio founded at the end of 2021, has announced it received Supercell’s support for an as-yet-unnamed PC title. On the Supercell side, this support coincides with the company’s goals to enter the PC and console game industry.

Last December, Supercell announced it wanted to operate in the PC and console game industry in 2022 and beyond. The mobile game giant already has many famous mobile games such as HayDay, Boom Beach, Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, and Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, and these games can also be played on PC.

The games mentioned above are already famous titles in the mobile gaming world. In line with its goals for PC and consoles, Supercell adapted these mobile games for PC. The company then turned to PC-exclusive games and took the first important step in partnership with Channel37.

Channel37 is a young PC game studio that is not yet one year old. The Helsinki-based company was founded with the collaboration of Miika Aulio, Vesa Halonen, Antti Ilvessuo, Sami Saarinen, and Diego Sarmentero. The portfolio of experience of this founding team includes companies such as Ubisoft RedLynx, Mind Echoes, and Second Order.

“Our values matched perfectly with Supercell, and we joined forces,” Channel37 says. Jaakko Harlas of Supercell adds:

“We are super excited to back up such an experienced and creative team. We believe that the best teams make the best games, and Channel37 fits that description.”

Channel37 is currently working on a PC-exclusive game. No official statement has yet been made regarding the game and the partnership details. For now, all we know is that after a while, we will encounter a PC-exclusive title under the signature of Supercell and Channel37.

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