Supercharging mobile marketing efforts: Incorporating AIGC, Apple Search Ads, and Steam Creatives to boost UA

Are you ready for some exciting news?

SocialPeta has announced not one, not two, but three significant updates to their platform this autumn.

Among the 14 billion global mobile marketing creatives captured in SocialPeta’s backend, the AI Center (AIGC) is making waves by influencing user acquisition creatives. From mobile games and apps to e-commerce and more, AI images are now seamlessly integrated, thanks to AI art generated by the AI Center Module – AI Draw. 

The possibilities are endless – mobile games using AI Draw can quickly produce high-quality images fitting their game worlds, and fantasy-style games can use AI Draw for inspiration, even sparking new IP ideas.

Additionally, AI Draw is often combined with product functions to make app creatives more exquisite, allowing for innovative and visually stunning marketing campaigns. Also, AI Draw can help merchants quickly generate product display images without complicated photoshoots, and the diverse content can make your products look more premium in e-commerce.

Exclusive Apple Search Ads Now Available

SocialPeta is launching an all-new exclusive Apple Search Ads channel, providing clients easy access to ASA advertising. When actually running ASA campaigns, preliminary research on important options like keyword selection and region targeting is needed to achieve better user conversion and avoid wasting ad spend. They can screen for suitable reference objects via metrics like game genre, ad days, estimated impressions, popularity, etc. Researching competitors’ keyword and region choices facilitates preliminary information gathering before launching ASA campaigns.

The Featured APP was previously VIP-exclusive paid core data but is now free for all registered users. It will contain the following:

  • Daily App Store Free, Paid, and Grossing chart rankings
  • Daily Google Play Free, Paid, and Grossing chart rankings
  • Pre-Order App Advertising Top Charts
  • App Downloads & Revenue Top Charts

Massive database of ad creatives for STEAM games

SocialPeta’s latest update includes Steam game creatives, allowing you to take your gaming campaigns to new heights. As the leading global advertising and marketing platform, SocialPeta has captured quality PC game marketing creatives since 2017. As of October 2023, PC game creatives in SocialPeta’s backend approached 100 million, with over 24 million unique ads after deduplication.

While the mobile game market is quite saturated, game companies are trying to acquire traffic from PCs. Top mobile titles like Hero Wars, Total Battle, and Stumble Guys were launched on PC and have an estimated revenue of over 100 million.

At SocialPeta, their commitment to innovation and efficiency drives them to continually expand their offerings and provide practical solutions for mobile game and app professionals. If you’re ready to elevate your marketing game or app, you can contact them for a free trial and experience the power of SocialPeta’s latest product updates.

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