eFootball PES 2020 Mobile Tactics

PES announced the new tactics that will make you Messi in 2020 Mobile.

PES has now come to mobile phones with eFootball PES 2020 Mobile. Naturally, the question of whether it is PES or FIFA has been carried to the phones. Despite being a mobile football game, it managed to attract attention with its graphics and gameplay. Some players play PES 2020 Mobile on the computer with BlueStacks to be more comfortable and solve the charging problem.

First impressions about the game are generally positive. The biggest reason is that it has advanced graphics and a game engine compared to other mobile games. Especially free kicks, passing and shooting are really realistic and easy engines. The difficulty in Dream League Soccer does’t exist in PES Mobile. If you are having difficulty playing PES or if you want to beat your opponents, it is useful to read this content carefully.

It has very realistic graphics and gameplay.

PES 2020 Mobile Tactics

The first tactic may actually apply to the PC game. Touch sensitivity such as shot, pass, middle is very important. Pressing less is slow, pressing too much can make you shoot the mountains. So, you should learn how much you need to touch. For example, the sensitivity rate you need to touch inside the penalty area and outside the penalty area is different. While playing with BlueStacks on the computer, these operations are done on the keyboard and you can easily set them.

Secondly, while defending, if you intend to slide on your opponent, be sure to do so on time. Because fouls resulting from sliding tackle often cause a yellow card or even a red card if it is hard. Slips made from diagonal or 90-degree angles will generally be successful. Practice on these kinds of issues would make you a better player.

There are plenty of rewards for beginners.

Don’t forget to constantly check your mailbox

Even if you choose Barcelona, ​​Arsenal, or any other big club in the game, at the end of the day you will still be left with low-level players. So choose a team that you like and start the adventure. At this point, you should pay attention to getting the right and strong players with the resources you collect in the game. There are two different methods for this; with the in-game currency GP or with real money. However, many gifts are given to those who start the game for the first time. Check your mailbox constantly.

Winning a match gives you a lot of GP and experience. For this reason, do not leave the matches you fell behind, even if with a large difference, and wait for the match to end. If you leave the match, you will be playing for nothing. But if you stay and get the reward, you’ll be one step closer to building a strong squad. The biggest resource gathering method is of course playing matches. Especially if you play with BlueStacks, you can easily play and win all matches thanks to key assignments.

The cost of high-level players is also very high.

Recruiting high-level players can be difficult

One of the biggest mistakes made by newcomers to the game is to try to get high level players, namely “Black Ball” players as soon as possible. Players who have enough GP at the signing stage can experience very happy moments. However, when the contract comes to renew later, it will be a big disappointment. Because the contract renewal fees of these players are quite high.

To avoid the problem above, you can get a small number of high-level players. You can easily get new players as you develop and your resources accumulate. Instead, you can collect lots of resources by constantly playing matches with BlueStacks. You can play mobile games from your phone at school or at work and from the computer with BlueStacks when you come home.

You gain great advantage over your competitors.

How to play PES 2020 Mobile with BlueStacks on PC?

If you want to play PES 2020 Mobile on PC, you first need to download BlueStacks from its official site. We can say that this completely free and reliable system has millions of players. Run the program after setting up your computer. The program also comes with the Google Play Store. Next is to enter the Play Store with your Google account. You can then download the game and play as you wish.

We have come to the end of our PES 2020 Mobile content. If you want to be a better player and gain an advantage over your opponents, we recommend using BlueStacks. If you have a different issue in your mind, you can reach us on our social media accounts.

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