Tenjin shared its Hyper-Casual Benchmark Report for Q3 2022

According to the report, Android has surpassed iOS in the ad spend on hyper-casual games.
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Tenjin, the growth platform for mobile app marketers, has shared its Hyper-Casual Benchmark Report for Q3 2022.

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The report opens up with an executive summary, stating quick facts:

  • Android has now reached an all-time high in hyper-casual ad spend share with 57%.
  • The CPI gap has decreased between Android and iOS and is just $0.1 at this point.
  • Brazil stands out with a very low CPI when compared to ad spend.
  • The USA tops the charts in ad spend for both Android and iOS.
  • Mintegral and Unity Ads have the lowest CPI for Android and iOS, respectively.

The summary also contains retention numbers for games in the top 2%. Day one retention has been determined as 51% and 42% on iOS and Android, respectively. Retention numbers for day seven are 22% to 16%.

According to the data, Android increased 7% in ad spend share compared to Q1 2022. The iOS vs. Android CPI gap has moved from its four-year-old place of 15 cents to 10 cents, as Tenjin comments that this could mean “a significant rise in competition” for Android.

The top ten countries by ad spend are also included, with the USA, Japan, and Brazil at the top of the list for Android. While the first two countries stay the same for iOS, the UK takes third place on the platform.

Median CPI by ad spend saw the US ($0.56 and $0.71) and Japan ($0.44 and $0.66) at the top of the charts again for both Android and iOS. Spot number three belonged to Canada ($0.35) for Android and Australia ($0.44) for iOS.

AppLovin, Google Ads, and Mintegral were the top three ad networks for Android. AppLovin was determined as the leader for iOS as well, with Mintegral and ironSource following up in second and third place.

Ad network median CPI results revealed Mintegral ($0.08), AdColony ($0.10), and ironSource ($0.10) as the top three for Android. Unity Ads ($0.15), Mintegral ($0.19), and ironSource ($0.23) led the charts for iOS.

Tenjin’s Marketing Director Roman Garbar expressed his thoughts about the new shared information:

“This data comes from many thousands of hyper-casual mobile games, offering devs useful insights on where their user acquisition spend can be targeted for maximum impact. On a macro level, it also indicates increasing ad spend and CPIs on Android, continuing the recent trend of Android ascendancy, although retention remains considerably stronger on iOS.”

In addition, retention benchmarks were specified for the top 2%, top 25%, and median games, which showed a large difference in day one and day seven retention rates on both platforms. Day one and day seven retention rates were better on iOS than on Android for all three categories.

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