Tesco will no-longer sell physical video games

UK supermarket chain will only sell digital points cards in its 2800 stores.

UK supermarket chain Tesco will stop selling physical video games. According to GamesIndustry.biz, Tesco will only sell digital points cards in its 2800 stores.

Traditional physical video game sales have experienced a steady decline, while digital sales have been on an impressive upward trajectory. The latest GSD data shows that 82% of sales of the four big releases in June (Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Diablo, and F1) were digital sales.

Gamers tend to choose digital copies mostly due to pre-loading and pre-order bonuses. They can now download and install a game before its official release, enabling them to start playing immediately on launch day without any delay associated with shipping or going to a store. Most games offer pre-order bonuses, usually in-game cosmetics and currency.

Some gamers still enjoy the tactile experience of owning a physical game, complete with a box, artwork, and potentially additional physical goodies. It is just not as feasible as before for retailers and supermarkets.

Just a few months ago, Remedy Entertainment announced its intention to pursue a digital-only release for the highly anticipated Alan Wake sequel. THQ Nordic made a statement and tried to sway Remedy Entertainment towards a physical copy release too.

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