The mobile gaming revolution: Gamelight’s $1 billion milestone in 2024

Gamelight, the German-based mobile marketing company, quickly turned into the largest user acquisition platform for mobile games in 2023 – the same year it was founded. Now, they are set to reach an impressive $1 billion in revenues in 2024, just one year after launch. The success of the company is built on its award-winning AI algorithm, which has started to change the way mobile marketing campaigns are being executed.

Co-founder Günay Aliyeva shares: “Without any external investments or the backing of a large corporation, Gamelight was built from scratch. It’s incredibly satisfying to witness how, in a short span, Gamelight has earned recognition as a prominent player in mobile marketing thanks to the excellence and scope we bring to our advertisers.”

Gamelight’s Road to Success

Gamelight dedicates its quick growth both to its AI algorithm but also to the dedicated and diverse team working behind the scenes.

The company wanted to create a platform for user acquisition managers and game publishers that simplifies the process of targeting users while delivering impressive results. Gamelight developed its AI algorithm for this purpose so UA managers can say goodbye to unreliable and cost-efficient manual targeting.

The algorithm uses machine learning for precise targeting and to boost user engagement. The platform analyses various data points like gaming histories, preferences, and demographic data to tailor marketing strategies and offers personalized mobile game recommendations. By understanding user behavior, the platform optimizes experiences and keeps players engaged for longer sessions.

Gamelight has managed to deliver high-quality users to major mobile game publishers worldwide consistently. Currently established in 11 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia, Gamelight stands as the largest game recommendation platform in the world.

The company also owes its growth to its varied and dynamic team, scattered across 12 locations globally. From the Hamburg office to remote locations like China, Canada, Spain, and throughout Europe, the team’s diversity generates a mix of perspectives, fostering an inclusive culture that propels Gamelight’s success.

Industry Recognition

The industry has taken notice of Gamelight’s rapid growth as it keeps achieving new milestones both as a company and in the mobile market industry as a whole. Setting new expectations on just how quickly a company can grow over one year.

  • Holding the TOP 3 position as an advertising source in AppsFlyer Index across various game verticals and regions, standing alongside industry giants Google and Meta
  • Covering 12% of ad spend of all Match-3 games globally, while being ranked as the 2 largest Android source and the 3rd largest iOS source according to Singular Market overview
  • Received multiple awards and titles such as “The Best AI Tool” at the dotComm Awards, was acknowledged as the Best App Advertising Platform at the App Growth Awards and won the Digiday Technology Award in the category of Best Mobile Marketing Platform, outperforming competitors like AppsFlyer, Liftoff, PLAYSTUDIOS, and Adjust.

Looking forward to 2024

As a company that has grown organically without external funding, they achieved significant success and expansion in 2023. Gamelight has accomplished milestones and successes that typically take other companies years to reach.

And Gamelight shows no signs of stopping here. Co-founder Florian Elmies has exciting insights into their plans for the coming year: “We’re about to shake up the world of mobile advertising. Our upcoming projects will bring more fun to users and greater successes to app publishers, introducing entirely innovative concepts that haven’t been seen before.”

It will be exciting to see what accomplishments the company will reach in 2024, what the new projects are that promise to make an imprint on the industry, and how quickly they will reach the big $1 billion milestone.

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