Tilting Point will spend $60 million for Match 3D by Loop Games

Loop Games
Tilting Point will spend $60 million for Match 3D developed by Loop Games

Tilting Point‘s latest investment was in Match 3D game developed by Turkish developer Loop Games. The company, which invests in game development studios for marketing and user acquisition, will spend $60 million on user acquisition for Match 3D.

Match 3D, developed by Loop Games, will be Tilting Point’s biggest investment

Tilting Point, which invested in two South Korean developers just last month, stated that it was looking for new partners outside of South Korea. The company has announced that it will invest $40 million in JoyCity’s military strategy game Gunship Battle: Total Warfare, while spending $10 million on marketing expenses for Storytaco’s dating simulator Dangerous Fellows.

Although it has previously agreed with many companies, Match 3D may be Tilting Point’s biggest investment so far. The publisher will invest $60 million worth of user acquisition for Match 3D this year. It will also provide Loop Games with app store optimization (ASO) and other potential services.

“Our positioning is always that we will continue providing expertise and tools to the partner and potentially build a co-developer relationship with them,” said Tilting Point president Samir Agili.

Match 3D
Screenshots from Loop Games’ Match 3D game.

Loop Games founder and CEO Mert Gur, said in an email to GamesBeat that he liked working with Tilting Point because the company was able to scale its game within a year, without locking itself into an old-school publisher or giving up any equity. He stated that with this scaling, Match 3D could be more competitive.

“There is real competition in the mobile gaming market,” Gur said. “So if you have a strong game, you want to enter the market with a lot of money in user acquisition to compete with the clones or other competitors. More money in UA means more players. We are still to this day following a very aggressive UA strategy which lets us stay at the top and beat our competitors.”

However, there is no team member at Loop Games specifically focusing on user acquisition. Referring to this issue in his e-mail, Gur said, “We started utilizing their [user acquisition] war chest within one to two weeks,” Gur said. “This helped us with the competition. We have a really great relationship with Tilting Point right now and we hope to work together with them on our next titles.”

Tilting Point started working with Loop Games in June. Before that, Match 3D had 500,000 daily active users (DAUs), and since then, it has grown more than five times to 2.6 million DAUs. In total, the game has been downloaded more than 40 million times.

It also became the #7 most downloaded free iOS game in the US in December, after being among the 50 most downloaded free games in the US over the past six months.

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