Town of Salem 2 early access date announced

Town of Salem 2 brings new roles, new features, and new life to the world of Salem.

BlankMediaGames announced the early access date of the highly anticipated sequel to the popular social deduction game, Town of Salem. Early access will begin on May 26th, 2023.

The Town of Salem is once again in turmoil as the Coven has taken over. Players will have to use their wit and abilities to emerge victorious as a Town member or work from the shadows as a member of the Coven, Neutral, or Apocalypse factions.

Town of Salem 2 offers a vast array of new roles with unique abilities that players can use to their advantage. Additionally, the new Apocalypse Faction and Four Horsemen game mode add an extra layer of strategy to the game.

With scrolls and cursed scrolls, players have more control over the roles they play, while the ability to ban specific roles or add game modifiers creates a unique gameplay experience. Customization is also a key feature in Town of Salem 2, allowing players to customize their characters, pets, and even their house’s interior.

“We’re thrilled to announce the release of Town of Salem 2 into Early Access and offer our fans even more ways to play and win,” said BlankMediaGames’ CEO, Josh Brittain. “With so many new features and roles to discover, Town of Salem 2 is an exciting and unique experience that you won’t want to miss.”

Town of Salem 2 is available for Wishlist on Steam.

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