Trailer Park Group acquires gameplay and trailer maker Dark Burn

Dark Burn Creative is the video studio behind trailers from Apex Legends, Valorant, Back 4 Blood, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and many others.
Tanner and Chase Boyajian smiling for the camera at their office with company logos

The AAA gameplay video producer Dark Burn Creative was acquired by Trailer Park Group, an LA-based global entertainment marketing, and content production company. Founded by Tanner, Chase, and Hunter Boyajian back in 2014, the company produced gameplay videos for Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Riot Games, and Amazon among many other major video game entities.

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The production company focuses on creating gameplay-based trailers with the goal to catch a game’s spirit no matter the genre. Their aim is to produce authentic trailers and “give gamers a genuine taste of the game before it is released” through their videos.

Dark Burn has over 110 employees as of 2022 and a little over eight years of experience under its belt as a gameplay trailer producer. The video producer is also the name behind popular trailers from games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Apex Legends, Valorant, Back 4 Blood, and many more.

Rick Eiserman, Trailer Park Group CEO believes Dark Burns is the best in making gameplay videos and adds that the studio is always giving its best to perfect this craft. Eiserman said the following in the official press release:

“From their roster of amazing talent to their technological innovation in the category, Dark Burn’s collective passion for gaming shines through every aspect of the operation. Trailer Park Group is absolutely committed to continuing that legacy.”

Eiserman also ensured that the studio will continue to do what it does the best, and Tanner and Chase Boyajian will continue leading it.

Chase Boyajan, Co-founder and Sr. Creative Director of Dark Burn said:

“As a family-run business, we always said we wanted to stay scrappy, smart, and small. However, as our services grew larger and our team more skilled, we realized we needed to expand rapidly to keep up with the demand in what was once a niche market.

“With that goal in mind, we couldn’t imagine a better place to be than working alongside the especially talented team at Mutiny with the backing of Trailer Park Group’s fully-integrated specialized content production resources on a global scale.”

Tanner Boyajan, Co-founder and Creative Producer of Dark Burn also commented:

“Our passion and dedication to authentic trailer production haven’t wavered over the past eight years and we continue to innovate and develop techniques to give gamers a genuine taste of the game before it is released.

“As gamers ourselves, we knew what the audience wanted and still wants: a feeling of what it is like to have the controller in your hands. We are a collection of eclectics who love gaming; some of us prefer a classic RTS and others the latest FPS, but we all unite around bringing authentic trailers to our audience and community.

“We’re inspired to have found a partner in Trailer Park Group that shares our commitment to creative excellence and look forward to the next stage of growth with our new colleagues.”

Trailer Park Group has been investing in the video gaming space recently, and this acquisition follows the company’s launch of its specialized global gaming division called Mutiny. The gaming agency was launched in late July, roughly three weeks ago.

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