Turkish game studio hadi raises $5.2 million

Istanbul-based game studio hadi will use the funds it collects to make casual games.

According to VentureBeat news, Istanbul-based game studio hadi raised $5.2 million from its investment tour. The company will use the funds it collects to develop casual games.

There are talented names among hadi‘s team. The company was founded by Mark Müller, former Creative Director of Gram Games. Müller is currently the CEO of hadi. Burak Kılıç sits on the CTO & Co-founder (founder) seat of the company. In addition, the company includes successful names such as Musa Özey, Güray Gürmen, and Yavuz Onat.

In the tour led by Griffin Gaming Partners, valuable names such as Tripledot’s founding partner Akın Babayiğit were present as investors. hadi states that he is pleased with the investments he has received and the business partners he has acquired. In the statement made on LinkedIn, the company also thanked Şekip Can Gökalp, CEO and co-founder of Coda Platform, and Orkun Kılıç, Founder and CIO of Street Capital, as well as Griffing Gaming Partners and Akın Babayiğit.

hadi’s new vision is to develop full-scale and innovative casual games, drawing on the team’s previous hypercasual experience. On the subject, company CEO Mark Müller explains:

“Having seen the industry grow over the last decade, especially in Turkey, we are excited to contribute to the growth and evolution of mobile gaming. The relationships and experience our benefactors bring are just as valuable to us as any financial bottom line.”

After the partnership, Phil Sanderson, managing director of Griffin Gaming Partners, will also join hadi’s Board. In his statement on the subject, Sanderson said:

“Turkey is a key geographic focus for Griffin, and the hadi team has ideal experience and drive in the mobile gaming market to succeed.”

hadi is currently working on several unannounced titles. The company, which has the potential to realize the vision it has set thanks to the investments it has received, may soon appear with new games.

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