Turkish startup Yin Yang Games raises $1M for its NFT card game called Reincarnation

The company focuses on becoming a key player in the global games market.
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The growth in Turkey’s game industry continues; Istanbul-based NFT game developer Yin Yang Games announced that it has raised $1 million from Gelişim Group in an investment round. The startup will use this money to further develop its NFT card game Reincarnation

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Founded back in January 2021, the Turkish video game studio mainly focuses on developing NFT collections and blockchain services. The startup idea was brought to life by İlker Onur Kaya, Alperen Kırcanoğulları, Ali Anıl Esmer and Yiğit Karatokuş.

The company’s co-founder and CEO İlker Onur Kaya believes blockchain technology will have a major impact in the video gaming world, alongside other industries. Kaya said:“Our partnership with Gelişim Group will be an important step in developing technological solutions for various industries. We want to have a tremendous impact in the gaming world as a Turkish studio. With this investment, we’ll complete one of our most important projects, Reincarnation, and also continue working on other products and services. As young entrepreneurs, we’re out there looking for projects that will leave a mark in the industry.”

İlker Onur Kaya also mentioned that play-to-earn and NFT-based GameFi projects that are built on blockchain technologies are trending lately, and added that Yin Yang Games aims high in this particular area as well.

The investing party Gelişim Group’s CEO Mustafa Akçay also shared his thoughts:

“After investing in textile, energy, and education sectors, we’re happy to enter the tech industry by financing Yin Yang Games, a unique team that understands us on a different level.”

 The NFT and GameFi studio Yin Yang Games currently has 21 employees, but the startup aims to grow its headcount and leave a permanent mark in the video games industry. You can check their website to learn more about them.

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