UCOLLEX and FaZe Clan partner for an art contest at The Gateway in Miami

The LIMITS powered by UCOLLEX Art Battle will challenge talented artists to create a masterpiece in an intense 20-minute showdown.
Limits' logo, along with The Gateways'

FaZe Clan and UCOLLEX, a company backed by Animoca Brands will partner to bring UCOLLEX’s Japanese competitive art concept to NFT Now and Mana Common’s The Gateway in Miami from November 29 – December 3, 2022

The LIMITS Art Battle will be a tournament made of three art battles and will take place at the FaZe Clan event stage on the final day of the exhibition and will be simultaneously broadcast live on the official FaZe Clan YouTube and Twitch accounts. Four digital artists from Japan and Belgium will perform; Kathmi, Jaba, Yuhkilily, and Hirofumi Mochizuki.

Davide Santillo, Chief Operating Officer of UCOLLEX said,

“We’re extremely hyped to partner up with Faze Clan who have established themselves as a platform for esports and entertainment! LIMITS powered by UCOLLEX fits this mold and showcases the impressive feat that artists can achieve when pushed to their limits in front of a live audience. This is what we’re all about! And it’s a taste of what digital creators can expect from our upcoming Web3 and art culture platform.”

UCOLLEX will also participate in FaZe Forever, and a new V.A.S. Cartridge can be acquired during the event. The UCOLLEX V.A.S. Cartridge will launch on December 3. More information can be found here.

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