IconPeak and Unico Studio: A case study of boosting KPIs

Unico Studio games were downloaded millions of times globally. IconPeak’s case study analyses the latest challenge of them.

In a competitive landscape, Unico Studio strategically navigates user acquisition, aiming to expand its player base without compromising the quality of its gaming content. Their challenge lies in identifying effective strategies to attract new users and maximize revenue through a meticulous focus on ROAS.

About IconPeak

They combine cutting-edge technology, expertise, and comprehensive data to empower the highest-quality user acquisition campaigns. They reach CPI and CPA goals by utilizing our top-notch intelligence tools and machine-learning capabilities.

About Unico Studio

Unico Studio, a leading name in mobile game development, is renowned for crafting innovative and engaging experiences that resonate globally. At the forefront of their lineup is the critically acclaimed Brain Test, a flagship game that challenges players with clever puzzles and mind-bending scenarios

Strategy and Approach

Precise Targeting: Leveraging comprehensive user data analysis, IconPeak identified and targeted audience segments exhibiting high potential for revenue generation

Personalized Engagement: Implementing tailored ad campaigns and in-game experiences, IconPeak sought to create customized interactions, enhancing user engagement and conversion.

Iterative Optimization: IconPeak refined strategies based on real-time data, maximizing ROAS by drawing in revenue-generating users and simultaneously growing the user base and client revenue —a dual success.

Setting the Stage for Success

Setting up the campaign events and clearly defining the goals, with all relevant events tracked, is a crucial step in a user acquisition journey. Leveraging view-through attribution, Iconpeak effectively utilized user impressions to target precise audiences while expanding reach—a pivotal capability maximizing the potential of IconPeak’s sourced channels. The implementation of A/B testing played a pivotal role in identifying and improving high-performing creatives.


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