Virtuos launches Virtuos Labs – Montpellier with Alexis Vaisse at the helm

Virtuos will provide more efficient solutions as games become more technically complex to create.
The leadership team of Virtuos Labs – Montpellier standing together, facing the camera. From left to right; Benjamin Couratin, Marianne Calva, and Alexis Vaisse

Video game development company Virtuos announced the launch of Virtuos Labs – Montpellier, which will be led by Senior Technical Director Alexis Vaisse. Montpellier studio is the second in the group of new studios known as Virtuos Labs, with the first one being Virtuos Labs – Lyon, founded on October 12, 2021. These studios will aid partners with the expertise and capacity required on complex projects, such as providing assistance in transitioning to the latest game engines and the building of new features and tools for proprietary engines.

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Virtuos Labs – Montpellier will be under the leadership of Senior Technical Director Alexis Vaisse. The other members of the founding team are Software Engineer Benjamin Couratin and Producer Marianne Calva.

Christophe Gandoni Managing Director of Western Region, Virtuos commented,

“We are excited to launch Virtuos Labs – Montpellier. Through Virtuos Labs and the leadership of our senior technical directors, we look forward to strengthening our game engineering mandate to deliver the best solutions for our partners worldwide.”

Alexis Vaisse has over 30 years of experience in the games industry. Previously Alexis was the Co-Founder and Technical Director of Tiwak. Later, he worked as a Lead Programmer for Ubisoft and developed the game engine ‘Yeti’ as well as the ‘Motions Physics’ engine used in Steep before leaving in 2016 to found Wysilab, a software editor specializing in ultra-fast 3D generation tools designed for professional artists working with 3D terrain.

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