Voicemod raises $14.5 million and acquires Voctrolabs

Voicemod has announced the completion of its latest funding round, securing $14.5 million. The funds will be used to extend Voicemod’s industry position and acquire Voctrolabs.
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Voicemod is a Valencia-based company that provides real-time voice-changing and sound expression software. The company has announced the completion of its latest investment round, securing $14.5 million to enhance its position in real-time AI voice identity and self-expression and acquire Voctrolabs. 

Jordi Janer, CEO of Voctro Labs, said:  

“We are thrilled that Voctro Labs is joining forces with Voicemod to start a new chapter in the development of generative audio technologies. We are strongly aligned with Voicemod’s mission and believe that all our R&D efforts over the last ten years will now have an entirely new dimension of impact.”

The funding round was led by Kfund’s growth fund Leadwind, with participation from Minifund and BITKRAFT Ventures. The funds raised will enhance the development of Voicemod’s real-time AI voice identity capabilities, allowing users to find their digital twin voice and express themselves in digital spaces. Voicemod for Desktop, the company’s main product with over 40 million downloads, was recently enhanced by integrating Voicemod’s own generative AI technology. AI Voices, complementary products such as Text to Song, and its web-based platform for the community to create and share sounds and voices also improved the product.

Voicemod is now working on a new generation of multi-platform products that will also bring its voices and audio experiences to mobile, tablets, and consoles. The company also offers its technology to third parties via Voicemod SDK and APIs. It provides the most potent real-time AI voice changer on the market, low-latency, and mobile-ready real-time AI voice conversion, combined with professional DSP effects.

In addition to strengthening its partnerships, Voicemod has hired Silicon Valley-based Andrés Diaz and signed agreements with IP owners, hardware vendors, and technology platforms.

Voctro Labs, renowned for its research around AI-based voice, singing, music, and audio technologies, participated in the original development of VOCALOID and developed the technology behind Holly+, the AI voice clone of Holly Herndon. The acquisition will enable Voicemod to enter the AI singing technology and vocal identities business and unlock new ways of expression for its users and artists.

By incorporating Voctro Labs’ technology into its upcoming product launches, Voicemod’s speech-to-speech product will become more natural and intelligible.

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