Web sales for mobile games: the new trend that raises revenue

Xsolla Web Shop leverages promotion, retention, and engagement mechanics to help game developers monetize users in the most personalized way possible.
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As mobile gaming continues to increase in popularity, there’s a growing market for games with IAP-driven revenue.

Mobile developers can now comfortably and confidently sell through their branded store outside the third-party platforms. Most major mobile developers and publishers create web stores where they sell in-game content comfortably and legally outside the third-platform.

Xsolla Web Shop can help developers capture more revenue and retain more players with no payment limit and a wide range of LiveOps features to customize the look and feel of their web stores.

With less pressure on developers and publishers to sell only in-game or on mobile, developers can now look for new revenue streams and ways to reduce platform expenses. Imagine if you could keep more revenue, simply by offering players a way to pay on the web.

Xsolla published a helpful, free Web Shop guide with best practices and tips on how to operate a successful web shop and redirect your players to the web, while complying 100% with platforms’ rules.

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