XLA revealed Metasites 3D internet framework

Announced at GDC in San Francisco, Metasites creates a bridge between AI (artificial intelligence) and the metaverse.

XLA, a group of video game and entertainment industry professionals, has announced the launch of “Metasites”, a modular 3D internet framework that bridges AI and the metaverse. The framework utilizes a combination of metaverse, cloud, and AI technologies to empower users to create unique virtual worlds. The XLA Chief Product Officer, Alexey Savchenko, presented a platform demo at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco.

Metasites offers a range of features, including high-fidelity graphics, virtual assistant IVEE, OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 integration to power non-active characters and their behavior, and the ability to analyze text and generate 3D scenes in UE5 (Unreal Engine 5) semantically. Access to Metasites for individual creators and enterprise clients will be based on a revenue share model, providing users complete control and management of their content. Users can access virtual assets and various tools, including a versatile SDK (software development kit), experiences editor, inventory and item management system, payment processing, marketing tools, and more.

Metasites has been funded with an initial $100 million and allows creators to deploy Unreal Engine 5 content and connect to the XLA ecosystem of features and services. The platform’s core infrastructure operates on a series of open protocols and standards, like today’s web, enabling hyperlinks to connect these 3D explorable spaces. The system is accessible through a browser, providing instant access to the cloud.

XLA Chief Product Officer Alexey Savchenko said:

“We strongly believe that the future of the internet is in 3D and are looking to partner up with creators and brands from all spheres and industries to build it together. It’s not about bringing games to new audiences. It’s about making it easier to communicate, educate, commerce, play, and create while being justly rewarded for your actions.”

XLA aims to create a new form of storytelling where authors can shape worlds that create their agency, presence, and stories accessible across multiple platforms. Metasites will be available for closed beta in the summer of 2023, with enterprise and creators programs opening next quarter and full commercial release expected in Q4 2023.

Metasites unveiled at GDC, where the framework was presented alongside Hexagram Founder and CEO Rob Auten. The launch of Metasites marks a significant step in the evolution of the internet and creating a new form of storytelling.

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