YAHAHA will be launched in early access on March 31

No-code metaverse’s Early Alpha launch is almost here.
yahaha launch early alpha
YAHAHA was funded $50 million in February 2022.

Following its $50 million funding earlier this year, YAHAHA is ready for its Early Alpha launch later this month. 

YAHAHA, the User-generated content platform, is expected to be available from March 31 in the Europe & US regions. The rest of the world will be able to access the platform sometime later this year.

Motivating content creators in any coding skill to express themselves, YAHAHA builds its no-code metaverse. This metaverse is getting more lively day by day: A month earlier, YAHAHA had announced its partnership with hard rock group The Dead Daises to turn up the music of its metaverse.

“We’re so excited to announce the soft launch of YAHAHA, and to issue an invitation to anyone with a creative mind to be part of our Early Exclusive Insiders Group. We’re looking for digital pioneers to join us to create great content and give feedback on the Early Alpha. It’s a unique opportunity to experience YAHAHA, and help build it from the ground up.”

Chris Zhu, CEO of YAHAHA Studios.

Despite the seemingly decreasing public interest in NFTs recently, YAHAHA, along with many other metaverse enterprises, will continue to advance.

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