ZBD adds Splitgate to it’s portfolio

The ZBD-developed project has been created for mainstream gaming audiences to experience Splitgate innovatively, offering high-value tournament prizes that bring a new competitive edge to Splitgate gameplay.

Splitgate, a Free-to-Play PvP Portal Shooter by 1047 Games, has partnered with ZBD, the leading fintech company that enables instant Bitcoin payments in the game industry. This partnership allows PC players of the competitive shooter to enjoy real-time rewards in Bitcoin. ZBD’s payment technology is already integrated into several other games, and Splitgate is the latest addition to its list of game integrations.

PC gamers from the US and Brazil will have a chance to win a huge prize pot of 50M sats (0.5 Bitcoin) in Splitgate. The prize pot is worth about $18,000 USD at the current market price of Bitcoin. ZBD, the leading fintech company that powers instant Bitcoin payments in the game industry, sponsors the tournament and rewards the winners with sats, which are small fractions of Bitcoin (like cents to the dollar). The tournament will feature a 4v4 team deathmatch mode and will start on December 10, 2023, with a grand final on December 22, 2023. A limited beta warm-up will also take place from December 2, 2023, to prepare the players for the competition. Gamers can participate in the tournament by registering on the dedicated ZBD Discord server.

The debut project from 1047 Games, Splitgate, has generated more than 18 million downloads across various platforms since it launched in 2019. The multiplayer shooter, featuring innovative player-centric portal mechanics, provides a fresh take on the FPS genre.

Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at ZBD, commented:

“We’re delighted to collaborate with Ian, Nick and the phenomenal team at 1047 Games to redefine the reward system in gaming and give players a revolutionary new way to experience in-game competition. For developers and publishers alike, this integration delivers a proven gamer retention model as evidenced by this partnership, and the additional 100+ games powered by ZBD. With the ZBD-infused version of Splitgate, we’ve raised the bar for competitive gameplay by seamlessly providing Bitcoin rewards to gamers who demonstrate skill and loyalty.”

Ian Proulx, CEO and Co-founder of 1047 Games, added:

With Splitgate, we’ve proudly carved out a reputation for creating highly innovative gameplay experiences. Splitgate continues to have a loyal and engaged player base. We’re always excited to hear innovative solutions to reward our players, such as what ZBD has done, and the tournament that they plan to hold later this month.

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