Alictus holds the second company retreat of 2022 in Northern Cyprus

The mobile game developer celebrated its most recent title Fade Master 3D’s success with an off-site event.
A photo of Alictus team under the Alictus logo

Alictus, a global developer and publisher of popular, casual mobile games, had its second company gathering of this year in Northern Cyprus in October. The company has been expanding and thriving ever since its acquisition by SciPlay in early 2022.

The successful growth of Alictus continues with their recently published HC game Fade Master 3D, which became the number one top free game in the United States and dominated the charts for weeks. As the title was topping the lists, the company organized a celebration for the whole team with various fun events, including karaoke and casino nights, a Survivor team event, and swimming and beach volleyball competitions.

The retreat lasted four days as the team spared some time from activities to talk about Alictus’ strategic plans for 2023. The company held this year’s previous off-site retreat in Antalya, and plans to continue organizing two retreats yearly.

As a remote-first company, Alictus takes advantage of these retreats as a team-building experience to design the company’s future and enjoy the activities to the fullest as a team. The company is currently looking to hire more talent for its team, with positions open in various departments, including Corporate, Engineering, and Game Production & Operations.

Ankara-based Alictus, founded in 2013, develops chart-topping mobile games with a savvy in-app advertising business model. Fade Master 3D is the latest addition to the long list of chart leaders from the company, including Candy Challenge 3D, Rob Master 3D, Deep Clean Inc., Oh God!, Money Buster!, and Collect Cubes.

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