ASO and app intelligence tool StoreSpy moves out of beta

The Istanbul, Turkey-based company also provides services for ad and market intelligence.

StoreSpy, an ASO & App intelligence tool for developers, start-ups, and enterprises, announced that it’s moving out of beta. The tool allows app development management, growth, and ASO processes based on data analysis. This enables users to compare app content and advertising data with their competitors in the app stores.

It also helps users examine statistics, rivals, and effective ways of improving app visibility to reach top ranks. StoreSpy made the announcement in an exciting tone on its official LinkedIn page:

“Today is the day! We’re out of beta, and registers are now open for StoreSpy. You can easily sign up on our website and start boosting your app for free. StoreSpy is a new generation ASO & App Intelligence tool that you can discover more than 7 million app data, including reviews, top charts, downloads, revenue, and ad creatives. New features are on the way.”

Istanbul, Turkey-based StoreSpy was founded in 2021 by Yavuz Selim Bilgin and Murat Paksoy. Currently, the company is hard at work in bringing new and improved features into StoreSpy.

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