Apphic Games has released its first PC title Deadly Broadcast on Steam

As one of the ventures of WePlay, Apphic Games’ first PC game, horror-themed Deadly Broadcast, is available on Steam.

Founded by Gazi Akyüz, Mehmet Yavuz Erdem, and Erdinç Gürbüz, Apphic Games is one of the ventures of WePlay. Apphic Games simultaneously develops games both for mobile platforms and PC. Its first PC game, Deadly Broadcast, is a PC horror game that lets the players explore dangerous, haunted places with their friends while streaming to an AI-driven audience to get the maximum number of viewers.

Apphic Games team said:

“We can say that we went through a very intense and meticulous process from the idea stage to the release stage. As a team, we are very excited to develop a game with a theme that doesn’t exist in previous horror games. We also have great plans for the Deadly Broadcast game in the future. If Deadly Broadcast, which we will soon release on VR devices, has a successful sales process as we expect, we plan to make it a series.”

Deadly Broadcast incorporates an AI-driven audience that realistically reacts to paranormal events and beings that the player manages to capture into the frame. It also directs the player with donations or challenges. The players can explore the haunted places in Deadly Broadcast alone or in co-op mode with up to four players. It lets the players experience horror with advanced graphics and genuine gameplay.

The game’s demo version has been downloaded more than 100.000 and got into more than 15.000 wishlists in the early access. Set out to challenge rivals like Phasmophobia and Devour, the game is getting much attention from players in Asia and the Americas, according to Steam data. Apphic games team plans to release a VR version of the game and make it a series in case it fulfills the team’s sales expectations. 

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