Axie Infinity’s first user-generated games are announced

Sky Mavis announced the first 12 games it accepted in the Axie Infinity Builders Program.
Axie Infinity Builders Program Mech Infinity
The Axie Infinity ecosystem is expanding!

Axie Infinity, the play-to-earn game developed by Sky Mavis, is on its way to becoming a game platform. Launched to enable users to develop new games based on Axie Infinity, the Builders Program gave its first fruits.

Sky Mavis has announced that it accepts 12 of the user-generated content (UGC) under the Builders Program. Thanks to these UGC games, the Axie Infinity ecosystem will expand, and Axie NFTs will have cross-game functionality. In that respect, Axie Infinity’s new system looks similar to Roblox.

The Builders Program acts as a laboratory for Axie Infinity creators. The program offers various opportunities to content producers, and almost anyone who wants can produce content for Axie Infinity. In addition, Sky Mavis rewards the projects it chooses. Thus, both the Axie Infinity ecosystem expands and content producers can seize various opportunities.

Axie Infinity Builders Program Winners

Approximately 2000 people applied to the Builders Program. Only the best of these 2000 UGC were selected by Sky Mavis. These 12 UGC games are as follows:

  1. Inter the Dungeon
  2. Defenders of Lunacian Land (DOLL)
  3. Axie To The Moon
  4. Hungry Axie
  5. Axieology
  6. Lunacia Cup
  7. Run Axie Run!
  8. AxiePop
  9. Axie Infinity War
  10. Axie Brawl
  11. Mech Infinity
  12. Across Lunacia

The UGC games above are based on Axie Infinity and offer new types of fun, from games of chance to runner games.

Games created under the Builder Program are located separately from Sky Mavis’ Ronin blockchain network, which was hacked, and $620 million was stolen. Developing UGC games will also receive a significant share of the revenues from these games. The rest of the income will be shared between players and the community.

Builders Program Awards

Sky Mavis supports these 12 selected projects. Sky Mavis offers the following opportunities to support content creators:

  • $10,000 worth of AXS grants will be awarded so that developers can continue to develop their projects without problems.
  • Experts experienced in their own field, each in Sky Mavis’ team, will guide the developers.
  • Project owners will have the right to earn money from the projects they produce.
  • Exclusive access to technology integration linked to the Ronin network.
  • Sky Mavis will promote projects.

The above is an opportunity for developers to build a career rather than just a “reward.” Thanks to these opportunities offered by the blockchain giant Sky Mavis, developers will have the chance to do the job they dream of and earn a significant amount of money.

Applications continue for Sky Mavis’ Builders Program!

Sky Mavis wants to make the UGC system sustainable for Axie Infinity. After the first 2000 applications, the chance to participate in the program continues.

You need to pay attention to some criteria for your project to be selected by Sky Mavis. According to the official announcement of the company, the evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Culture, goals, and mindset alignment with Sky Mavis and the Axie community
  • Evaluation of how fun and engaging their experience could be for the community
  • Engineering assessment around the feasibility of the project and technical talent on the team
  • The potential positive impact on the Axie Infinity community and economy
  • Commitment to the project – what resources and time the team is looking to invest in it
  • Trust in the developers to not abuse their exclusive access privileges

Those who want to make money by developing games and benefit from the opportunities offered by Sky Mavis can easily apply for the program on the website of Sky Mavis.

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