Azur Games is preparing to buy Skyrocket

Azur Games will acquire Neosus sub-brand Skyrocket, a mobile game developer and publisher, for $2.2 million.
azur games neosus

Founded in 2017, mobile game studio Azur Games rolled up its sleeves to buy 15% of Skyrocket, a mobile application publisher that publishes projects under Neosus, for $2.2 million.

Stating that Neosus has experience in development and that they have extensive expertise in marketing, Azur Games said that their growth rate will be higher than ever, they will be able to produce great projects and the user experience will be better.

Azur Games stated that this acquisition agreement is part of their new initiative to publish applications and plans to expand further in this direction.

Azur Games Co-Founder Dmitry Yaminsky used the following sentences about the acquis:

“We are interested in the mobile app market and want to develop new projects with people who already have a background in this space.”

Azur Games, which aims to expand its portfolio, is considering making new investments and evaluating new offers in the future.

Azur Games
Azur Games

Azur Games is one of the top 10 mobile game publishers with a total of 2 billion downloads. As part of its portfolio diversification initiative, the company is investing in the IT industry on par with the gaming industry. The publisher’s most popular games include Stack Ball, Worms Zone, and Bottle Jump 3D.

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