Babil Games becomes the new Arkan: Dawn of Knights publisher

Arkan: Dawn of Knights, f the mobile strategy and match-3 RPG finds itself a new home.

Jordanian games publisher Babil Games became the new publisher of the mobile strategy and match-3 RPG game Arkan: Dawn of Knights. The game combines Match-3 gameplay with Match-3 puzzles to give players an immersive experience where historical heroes unite to battle monsters and build kingdoms.

Players are tasked with defending the kingdom and saving the world by summoning heroes from different legends and myths. They can assemble powerful teams, upgrade heroes, and customize abilities to defeat the evil Void Lord and his minions.

Some of the heroes that can be summoned include Medusa, Loki, Hercules, Caesar, Athena, Anubis, King Arthur, Hannibal, Napoleon, Captain Hook, and many others from different legends, myths, and tales.

Gameplay features

In this strategy-meets-match-3 RPG adventure, players solve puzzles to combat monsters and progress through the campaign by employing cunning strategies and unique tactics. Building a kingdom is one thing, and upgrading its infrastructure is a whole different thing in the game.

“This innovative combination isn’t just about engagement–it expands the appeal to enthusiasts of both genres, offering a richer, more immersive gameplay experience,” said Babil Games.

Players can recruit troops and research technologies to bolster their forces and engage in strategic expeditions. In addition, joining alliances adds another layer of gameplay, offering opportunities for events, PvP activities, and collaborative battles for rewards and resources.

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