Boomland’s first NFT collection The Genesis Hunter sold out in 18 seconds

Hunters On-Chain will go live with Polygon Labs in just a few weeks.

Blockchain gaming platform BoomLand’s first NFT collection for Hunters On-Chain, The Genesis Hunter, sold out in 18 seconds after coming online. Hunters On-Chain is a reimagined original Hunters game with more than five million installs in AppStore and Google Play.

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BoomLand shared a post on LinkedIn, sayingOur most powerful and valuable NFTs are gone, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response from the community! Congratulations to all holders for getting a chance to mint a Premium Hunter!

BoomLand Founder and CEO Hannibal Soares also said “After 12 months of gruelling hard work and against all odds, in one of the most difficult years in the blockchain industry, we finally did it!

Hunters On-Chain is a blockchain-based battle royale where players compete against each other and the environment in different game modes to be the best hunter. Each playable hunter in Hunters On-Chain is a non-fungible token (NFT) that players can get from initial minting, marketplace, or summoning.

Hunters On Chain will be available on BoomLand’s Metaverse, but no official release time has been given yet. It is expected to be released within February 2023 on Polygon Labs.

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