Bungie hires Riot Animation Director Derick Tsai

The successful director behind Riot animations will now work for Destiny IP.
Bungie empowers Destiny’s team.

Bungie, which was bought by Sony for $ 3.6 billion in the past few days, came to the fore with new hiring news. Bungie has named Derick Tsai Head of Development for the Destiny Universe Transmedia project.

Destiny Bulletin made the statement on Twitter. Derick Tsai previously directed the animations and short films of Riot’s League of Legends game. Tsai’s talents have a significant contribution to the success of these animations, which the players very much love.

Tsai’s job at Bungie will be to adapt Destiny IP for new mediums, including film, TV, animation, book, comic, and audio formats. Tsai, who joined Riot in 2020, has more than 15 years of experience in these matters. In his 15-year career, Tsai worked at many companies such as The Walt Disney Company, Obsidian, HyperX, Marvel Studios, Universal Pictures, and Crystal Dynamics, as well as Riot.

Bungie has the distinction of being the name behind Destiny and Halo. We may encounter delicious entertainment content after the new animation director joins Bungie.

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