Case study: Why are renovation and construction becoming a favorite in casual games?

GameRefinery shares its experience in the benefits of introducing gameplay elements and mechanics from other game genres into your game.
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In a pool of over half a million mobile games in Google Play alone, developers constantly try to renew themselves in order to attract more gamers to their new titles. Introducing elements from other game genres is becoming increasingly popular to spice up gameplay in the casual genre.

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So, what are the critical points for keeping a high player engagement when it comes to introducing meta elements? Also, why do renovation and construction genres significantly influence a game’s popularity? GameRefinery has prepared a detailed study on why players prioritize renovation and construction elements and how to effectively implement these genres into casual games.

Suitable genres for renovation and construction elements

GameRefinery states that implementing these elements into an existing game is easily possible through a new event or game mode. The company mentions explicitly that the Match3 game genre is one of the most suitable for adding renovation and construction elements, adding that 42% of the top-20% grossing Match3 games already use these meta elements.

Royal Match and Zen Match prove to be prime examples of this, as both of them are Match3 games that contain these elements and are within the top 200 rankings.

GameRefinery gives examples from popular games such as Lily’s Garden and Homescapes. In Lily’s Garden, a new Home Design mode was implemented to add home decoration features. The company points out that 2D pictures were used instead of the usual bird’s eye look and that the mode was permanent instead of a limited-time event.

Homescapes brought in a player renovation mode with its Dream Date update, allowing players to customize characters’ looks. Even though it’s not construction, it’s still renovation and customization.

Construction and renovation elements engage player motivations

Per data gathered from GameRefinery’s SaaS platform, the biggest motivation for mobile casual gamers is to complete milestones. The player, first and foremost, needs to have a sense of success in order to feel involved in the game.

Another critical motivator has been designated as the player’s need to express. Renovation and construction fulfill the need for visual expression by allowing players to decorate with various furniture and other tools.

This, combined with the sense of success brought in by visually experiencing the rewards of your work, creates enjoyment in players and increases the immersive nature and the feeling of achievement within the game. The company lists four different styles for the application of these meta elements:

  • Single area renovation: Renovating one main area with a few different options.
  • Room renovation: Decorating rooms with various types of furniture and moving on to the following area (room).
  • Area renovation with no choices: A simplified renovation model with no story options and basic renovation mechanics.
  • Event-based renovations: Implementing renovation and construction elements into a game from another genre.

Tips on introducing construction and renovation elements

GameRefinery states that this meta can be implemented in various genres if done correctly, giving Genshin Impact as an example from the RPG genre with renovation elements. The company suggests keeping the game’s structure and players in mind to avoid adding an irrelevant meta element.

The GameRefinery platform can be a guide for developers to find relevant examples of renovation and construction elements in casual games, along with many other services. You can contact GameRefinery by clicking here.

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