CD Projekt Red aims to expand on mobile games

“Licence out non-core products and expand approach to mobile games.”
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The game industry is expected to continue to grow in the upcoming years and reach new highs regularly. Anyone remotely interested in the market knows mobile games are the driving force, and a recent report from Global Data even argues mobile games will generate over half of the revenue the industry accumulates by 2030. CD Projekt Red already exists in the mobile gaming space but wants to further invest in it by licensing out its non-core products.

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Not all major video game players are moving into the mobile gaming space, but most known studios do and finding success there. Some, like Sony, are a bit late to the game, but even the console maker is investing in mobile games and recently acquired mobile game developer Savage Game Studios.

A report that’s published in September 2022 by Sensor Tower covers the first half of 2022 and shows a considerable decline in mobile games revenue, but states that this was an expected slow and the industry will continue to grow (so do other reliable data providers such as Data.AI, Newzoo and others also claim). Also adds that player spending in 2022 was still up over 20% compared to pre-pandemic spending.

The Polish video gamer maker recently announced five new Witcher games, alongside a new Cyberpunk game and a brand new IP, while also announcing their interest in expanding in the mobile games market. How deeply they will invest in the mobile gaming business is a mystery at the time of writing, just as what the upcoming games from the developer will be like.

CD Projekt will also see its Joint-CEO, Marcin Iwinski, leave the position by the end of this year. Iwinski will stay at the company and hold a non-executive role. The Polish company is embarking on a big adventure and will do it for the first time without Iwinski’s leadership.

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