Clash of Clans Level 10 Village Layout Guide

Clash of Clans level 10

We have a few suggestions for the Clash of Clans level 10 village layout! Village layouts are undoubtedly one of the most important factors that bring victory in the game. In this content, we will share two different village designs that can be used in both normal and clan wars in level 10.

Clash of Clans Level 10 Village Layout

Although the attack seems to be the most important thing in Clash of Clans, the importance of defense cannot be denied. Because winning or losing trophies is not only possible by attacking, but in case of a possible bad course in clan wars, the defense can help you. In this content, there are sequences where you can secure your trophies and defend better in clan wars. Our Clash of Clans Level 10 Village Layout suggestions will increase soon, but let’s start with two now! ?

Normal Village Design

In this village layout, our aim is to keep our competitors as far as possible from our town hall and to protect our existing resources in the possible best way. Our wall system makes it difficult for the opponents to move towards the center, where we center the town hall, clan castle and dark potion warehouse. On the other hand, the distribution of our defense buildings does not leave an open door for our opponent. In this system, where the defense is more frequent towards the center, it is difficult for the opponents to enter the center, while the gold and potion storages placed at different points aim to minimize the spoils the opponent will gain from this battle.

Clan War Design

Clan War, one of the important parts of Clash of Clans, is indispensable for the game with the excitement and advantages it provides to the village owners. In this village layout, our aim is to spread the buildings other than defense buildings as widely as possible and to delay the entrance of the opponent army to the village center as much as possible. With this arrangement for clan wars, you can disrupt the opposing team’s strategies and make it easier for your clan to win.

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