CrazyLabs’s game hub CrazyHubs İstanbul is opened with 2.5 million TL investment

CrazyHubs İstanbul is opened!
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CrazyLabs’s CrazyHubs İstanbul is opened with 2.5 million TL investment.

CrazyLabs’ hyper-casual game accelerator centers CrazyHubs, which are located in different countries around the world that provide training, office, and financial support to teams, has been opened in Istanbul with an annual investment of 2.5 million Turkish liras.

After the online interview and demo presentation processes at CrazyHubs Istanbul, which received more than 200 applications, 9 teams were eligible to participate in the program.

During the 3-month physical program, CrazyHubs Istanbul teams will be trained by CrazyLabs experts on topics such as hyper-casual business model and game publishing processes, marketing, ad monetization, UI/UX, Live-ops, prototype preparation. Bahcesehir University Game LAB (BUG) instructors will provide training support on Game Design and Game Development in Advanced Unity.

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CrazyHubs İstanbul

The teams will develop hyper-casual games under the mentorship of CrazyLabs and marketing tests will be applied to these games. Games that meet the targeted metrics will be published globally by CrazyLabs. The teams will benefit from the games they develop with the revenue-sharing model. Development support will be provided to the teams as needed and games with potential will be developed together with CrazyLabs.

CrazyLabs Turkey Lead Onur Uça said, “When we look at the lists today, we see that 20 of the 100 most downloaded games belong to Turkish developers. The number of talented game developers in our country is increasing day by day and we are seeing success stories one after another. This also attracts the attention of the world’s leading game companies. As CrazyLabs, we saw this potential and decided to make this investment in Turkey. With the CrazyHubs Istanbul Accelerator program, we will provide hyper-casual mobile game developers with the environment they need to be successful in the global market. Our goal is to create successful new studios from Turkey.” 

Up to 1 million Turkish liras of annual support opportunity

The eligible teams to participate in CrazyHubs Istanbul are Skip Games, Nice Try Games, Eggs Games, On Off Games, Dhika Games, Super Cat Games, Zettanium Games, Frost Games, and Temporary Games. After the 3-month training, office, and financial support, the teams that complete the program with success criteria will be offered a professional publishing contract by CrazyLabs. The proposal of publishing contract will reach up to 1 million Turkish liras annually in proportion to the success of the teams. Also, with this investment, the studio creation processes of the teams will be supported as well. Company shares will not be requested from studios for which a publishing contract has been offered.

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CrazyHubs Istanbul

How can I apply to CrazyHubs Istanbul?

CrazyHubs Istanbul’s 1st term application process has been completed and the first term will end as of September. The 2nd term application process for CrazyHubs Istanbul will start at the end of the summer.

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You can also join CrazyHubs İstanbul.

About CrazyLabs: CrazyLabs is one of the world’s three largest casual and hyper-casual game developers and publishers with 4 billion total game downloads, including “Acrylic Nails”, “I Can Paint”, “Tie Dye”, “ASMR Slicing”, “Soap Cutting” and other games. CrazyLabs has offices in China, Macedonia, Germany, and Ukraine. CrazyHubs’ hyper-casual game development accelerator programs are currently in India, Israel, Serbia, Poland, and Turkey.

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