Dynasty Studios raises $5 million with innovative blockchain gaming

Dynasty Studios, which set out to reach mainstream game industry players and introduce them to blockchain games, received an investment of 5 million dollars.
Dynasty Studios will make new games with a entertaining and innovative blockchain game concept.

Recently, mainstream game studios are turning to blockchain games. Dynasty Studios is one of these studios. NFT and play-to-earn systems are attracting traditional game studios, and games are getting one step closer to the blockchain every day. The center of this attraction is undoubtedly the recent investments in blockchain and NFT games.

Framework Ventures led the funding round. CoinFund, Dapper Labs, Wood Investment Partners, Timo Schlaefer, and Stefano Schiavi also took their place among the investors. Investors believe that new business models will emerge thanks to the uniqueness of NFTs based on blockchain.

There is some criticism towards NFT games like Axie Infinity. Some people argue that games like Axie Infinity are not “entertaining.” Although these are subjective opinions for Axie Infinity, in some NFT games, the purpose of making money can get in the way of the fun. On the other hand, Dynasty Studios thinks that it is quite possible to make fun games with the NFT system. Indeed, it should not be forgotten that NFT and blockchain technologies are just small parts of the game. The elements that make the game fun will not conflict with NFT or blockchain technologies. What matters is how the producer company wants to handle the game.

It is possible to predict that companies that succeed in making fun and high-quality NFT games will dominate the market. Quality games can be the key to reaching more players. The inclusion of more players is also the first step towards mass-market adoption of blockchain and NFTs. With this aim, Dynasty Studios wants to combine traditional and entertainment games with NFT.

Of course, Dynasty Studios is not the only company acting with this aim. In addition to well-known companies such as Ubisoft and Com2U, experienced game developers such as Will Wright, Peter Molyneux, Austin Grossman and Graeme Devine also aim to develop quality NFT games.

Dynasty Studios was born out of Logic Artists, a Denmark-based game studio founded in 2011. They made games like the Expeditions series, and they continue to work on game development. After the investment, Logic Artists will end, and its employees will join Dynasty Studios.

Ali Emek, CEO of Dynasty Studios, working with the motto of “gamer first”, said:

“We were looking at blockchain technology and this space very closely in the past year. And we see a lot of very interesting and exciting opportunities there. We want to use the technology in games and make games for gamers. Our goal with Dynasty is to combine this to make games for gamers powered by blockchain.”

Dynasty Studios is working on a game project they are calling “HAN.” The game in question is planned to be a multiplayer, AAA, and blockchain survival game. After the investment, we may hear more news about the work on the new game.

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