Effective ad formats to grow your game – MBC 2022

Antoine Jullemier, VP of Gaming at Bidstack, talked about creating effective in-game ads at Mobidictum Business Conference.
A headshot of Bidstack's Antoine Jullemier

Bidstack’s Antoine Jullemier attended Mobidictum Business Conference and discussed the possibilities of new and impactful advertising experiences. The session was highly relevant for game developers or monetization managers looking to understand how their games can benefit from seamless in-game advertising.

Jullemier began the session by introducing Bidstack, a company that enables game developers to monetize their titles and engage gamers, without disrupting the gameplay experience. Founded in 2015, Bidstack now has over 90 employees across London, Riga, San Francisco, and New York.

The experienced executive then spoke about the vast application areas of in-game advertising. Jullemier stated that in-game ads are used in broader areas than sports and racing games nowadays. The market has expanded to cover shooter games and even games from the metaverse.

After lengthy consideration, Bidstack has decided to use two formats: using ads to allow the player to earn an in-game reward and using them non-intrusively by seamlessly integrating ads into the game’s background. Jullemier noted that combining these two formats of advertisements for one brand would statistically bring out the best outcome with three times higher impressions gained.

He then gave a brief overview of in-game ads, stemming from the 80s and all the way into the 2010s and 20s, where it’s become a more popular market. Jullemier shared a market prediction that saw the in-game ads market grow $10 billion by the year 2030.

Bidstack VP summarized the benefits of in-game ads and their future with some statistics, then moved on to explain how to generate revenue with this format in four steps:

  • Don’t fear the integration process.
  • Protect the artwork and respect the players.
  • Offer seamless brand experiences.
  • Enjoy a sustainable revenue stream.

With proper application, native in-game advertising can secure higher engagement rates, longer dwell times, and greater brand uplift than any other digital ad format. This will ultimately produce more significant revenues for developers without disrupting the player experience. You can reach the complete session along with more relevant content by clicking the button below.

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