Enjin partners with MyMetaverse for playable GTA V and Minecraft NFTs

The collection was minted on the Efinity parachain.
Minecraft logo and landscape on the top, GTA V logo and scenery on the bottom.
Players can access games via MyMetaverse.

Enjin and MyMetaverse have established a new partnership and released playable NFTs on the servers of Minecraft, and Grand Theft Auto V. First minted on the NFT parachain Efinity, which is built on the Polkadot system, MetaHome can be used in all games of MyMetaverse.

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These NFTs are not official. In other words, these NFTs can only be used on MyMetaverse servers. In Minecraft, NFTs will represent swords and cars on the Grand Theft Auto V server. In a statement to GamesBeat, MyMetaverse says:

“To clarify, the NFTs have been minted on Efinity and can be incorporated in MyMetaverse Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft gaming servers. In Infinity Auto, a MyMetaverse Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 server, they take the form of a rare vehicle; in Survival Infinity, a MyMetaverse Minecraft server, they become a special sword. In answer to your question, they are not official integrations with Rockstar or Minecraft.”

In the portfolio of MyMetaverse, there is also an MMO metaverse game called Infinity realms, in addition to the GTA V and Minecraft servers named Survival Infinity and Infinity Auto.

Witek Radomski, Enjin’s CTO, said in a statement about the partnership:

“Enjin aims to be the NFT highway connecting game studios and their users onto the blockchain. Leveraging Enjin’s comprehensive suite of tools and the scalability of the Efinity parachain, we are excited to collaborate with MyMetaverse to integrate NFTs into AAA games such as GTA 5––allowing gamers to own digital collectibles within their favorite games.”

Enjin is currently making many breakthroughs on the Web3 side. The company partnered with Square Enix to create Final Fantasy NFTs last July and partnered with play-to-earn gaming platform PlayZap precisely a month before that. Enjin’s partnerships in this area do not seem likely to slow down in the future.

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